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Updated November 11, 2022

Sexual harassment, discriminatory harassment, abusive behavior, and discrimination are prohibited in every Judiciary workplace. Harassment is unwelcome conduct that is so severe or pervasive that a reasonable person would find it intimidating, hostile, or abusive and that unreasonably interferes...
Updated November 11, 2023

May 31, 2023   Below is the Court's Order transferring certain cases from the Winston-Salem Division and Standing Chapter 13 Trustee Kathryn L. Bringle  to the Greensboro Division and substituting Standing Chapter 13 Trustee Anita Jo Kinlaw Troxler
Updated October 10, 2023

Proposed amendments to Bankruptcy Rules 3011, 8003, and 9006 --and a new Rule 9038--are scheduled to take effect on 12/1/23. The amended rules cover unclaimed funds, appeals, and computing and extending time. The new rule addresses declaring a “Bankruptcy Rules emergency” and provides...
Updated July 7, 2023

CM/ECF filers should be aware of the potential to inadvertently share restricted documents when using third-party services or software. Sharing your PACER account credentials with a third-party service provider or designating that provider as a secondary recipient of a Notice of Electronic Filing...
Updated May 5, 2023

Please follow the link to view the Zoom Procedure Change for Judge Kahn (05/01/2023).
Updated October 10, 2022

The court has officially adopted new local rules, effective today.  The court has also adopted a new standing order prospectively vacating certain standing orders in light of the new local rules and certain changes in practice and procedure in the district.
Updated September 9, 2022

Please note that on and after October 1, 2022, all new Chapter 13’s in the Durham Division and all new Chapter 13’s in the Greensboro Division (all counties) will be assigned to Trustee Troxler.  Pending cases in the Durham Division will also be transferred to Trustee Troxler.