Searching for and Submitting an Application for Unclaimed Funds

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Unclaimed funds are held by the Court for an individual or entity who is entitled to the money but who has failed to claim ownership of it. The United States Courts, as custodians of such funds, have established policies and procedures for holding, safeguarding, and accounting for the funds.


Searching for unclaimed funds

To search for unclaimed funds, use the Unclaimed Funds Locator at Select NCMB – North Carolina from the dropdown list and enter the applicable search criteria. If you need access to a computer to perform the search, you may use the Court’s public computer terminal(s) located at 101 S Edgeworth Street, Greensboro, NC or 601 W. 4th Street, Winston- Salem NC.


Submitting an Application for Unclaimed Funds

Local Rule 3011-1 outlines the procedures for requesting payment of unclaimed funds. You must submit: (1) an application for payment of unclaimed funds (Form 1340), (2) supporting documentation, (3) a proposed order in substantial conformance with the Court’s standard order granting an application for payment of unclaimed funds, and (4) a certificate of service to the Clerk’s Office in Greensboro at the following address:


Clerk’s Office, US Bankruptcy Court MDNC

Attn: Finance Department

P.O. Box 26100

Greensboro, NC 27402-6100


Requests SHOULD NOT be filed via CM/ECF.


NOTE WELL: Applications that appear to be fraudulent will be promptly referred to the U.S. Attorney for investigation and prosecution.


Important Links/Resources:

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