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Updated July 7, 2021

Exhibit 6 to DIP Memo Re: General Procedures (Monthly Operating Report, Non-small Business) (Revised: 06/2021) PDF DOCX     Chapter 11 Post-Confirmation Report (small business and non-small business) (Revised: 06/2021) PDF DOCX
Updated November 11, 2020

The Judicial Conference of the United States has approved adjustments to the miscellaneous fee schedule for bankruptcy courts, effective December 1, 2020. A list of changes may be found below.  An updated fee schedule will be posted on our website on December 1, 2020.    ...
Updated November 11, 2020

Please see the attached standing order issued by the Court on 4/21/2020 which adopts revised interim rule 1020.  
Updated July 7, 2020

In light of the unique requirements for evidentiary hearings at this time, special evidentiary hearing dates have been scheduled as follows: Judge James - August 11th More evidentiary hearing dates may be set in the future as necessary.  Parties that anticipate the need for an evidentiary...
Updated May 5, 2020

If you need assistance with accessing court documents and are not able, or cannot afford, to use, please call (336) 358-4000 for assistance.
Updated April 4, 2020

An updated Adversary Proceeding Package is now available on the Forms & Procedures section of our website.
Updated April 4, 2020

Two new chapter 13 standing orders have been entered for cases filed on or after December 1, 2017.  Please review these orders, as there are several changes to current procedures in aid of the administration of chapter 13 cases.  As noted in the order regarding attorneys’ fees, the...
Updated February 2, 2020

Debtors required to file tax information with the Court should use the docketing event "Tax Documents" from the Court's CM/ECF event list.