Loan Modification Management Program

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Loan Modification Management

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of North Carolina has established a Loan Modification Management (LMM) program. This Standing Order and these procedures implement the program. The LMM program is designed to function as a forum for debtors in a pending chapter 13 case and creditors to reach a consensual resolution when a debtor’s property is at risk of foreclosure. The goal of the LMM program is to facilitate communication and the exchange of information in a confidential setting under the supervision of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of North Carolina.


Loan Modification Management options includes the full range of solutions that may prevent either the loss of a debtor’s eligible property to foreclosure, increased costs to the creditor, or both, including, but not limited to, loan modification, loan refinance, forbearance, short sale, or surrender of the eligible property in full satisfaction of obligations arising under an eligible loan.  Debtors must pay their bankruptcy filing fee in full and file all required schedules and statements prior to filing a motion to participate in the LMM.