Getting Started

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Hardware and Software Requirements
Last Updated: May 26, 2005

  • A personal computer.  Minimum system requirements:

    Pentium Processor
    16 MB of RAM (24MB for Windows NT; 32MB if scanning documents)
    40 MB of available hard disk space
    Windows 3.1 or above


    A Macintosh.  Minimum system requirements:

    68020 processor or Power Macintosh
    16 MB of RAM
    40 MB of available hard disk space
    Apple System Software version 7.1.2 or later

  • Internet access.  If it is by modem, it operates at 56 kps or faster.  High speed Internet access is recommended, but NOT required (i.e., cable, DSL, etc.).

  • An Internet Service Provider using point to point protocol (PPP). America On Line is not endorsed for use with ECF.  It is recommended that the provider is capable of a minimum connection speed of 56 kps.

  • Netscape Navigator version 4.6x or 4.7x (Netscape 6 is not yet authorized).


  • Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher

  • Software to convert documents from a word processor format to portable document format (PDF).  Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer/Distiller, as well as certain word processing programs can perform this function.  For viewing documents, not authoring them, only Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed. Click on the link for a free download.

  • A PDF-compatible word-processing program, such as WordPerfect or Word.

  • A scanner to transmit documents that are not in your word processing system. (the Court recommends a scanner with a document feeder as opposed to a flat-bed or single-sheet scanner)