E-Mail Management

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A. Becoming a Filing User will cause a participant to receive e-mail updates (or electronic notices) of case activity. An attorney will NOT receive these electronic notices for all activity in ALL cases, he or she will just get notices from cases the attorney has made an appearance in.

B. These e-mails can be received in one of two ways.

  1. A Filing User may receive one e-mail for each filing. So if 5 documents are filed in a case, the Filing User would receive 5 separate e-mails; or


  2. The Filing User may elect to receive one e-mail at the end of each day in what is called a Daily Summary Report. The Daily Summary Report includes a list of all the activity from the previous day in all the cases the attorney is involved in.

Both e-mail formats include the case name, the case number, the docket text for the filing, a hyperlink to the case, and a hyperlink to the document filed.