Court FAQ

  • How do I get my name removed from your website? Google search finds my name.

    We cannot remove your name from our website. All records and hearings are public. Google has an option to remove your name from it's results Other search engines may have a similar option.

  • How do I report a bankruptcy fraud?

    Investigations of alleged bankruptcy fraud is the responsibility of the Bankruptcy Administrator. Here is a link to the local Bankruptcy Administrator: Please report of any fraudulent bankruptcy activity.

  • Can you remove an opinion from the website? It has my name, and occurred a long time ago.

    Sorry, we cannot remove any opinions. Opinions, orders, documents,  party information, claims, and other case information are public record. The judicial system is public, and the orders and decisions entered are public. 

    On rare occasions opinions on the website may be updated by chambers to correct very minor items, such as a spelling or a typographical error.  The content remains the same.

  • Is there an installment plan available for the filing fee?

    The Bankruptcy system allows one to pay the filing fee in installments. The Form can be found on the U.S. Courts website by clicking on Part I - Official Forms, Instructions, and Committee Notes. Navigate to the Application an Order to Pay Filing Fee in Installments (Form B-3A).

    The filing fee must be paid in four equal installment payments.  The first installment is to be paid within the 30 days, and at least half of the filing fee must be paid within 60 days of the filing of the petition. The final installment must be paid within 120 days after the filing of the petition.

  • How can I verify if someone has filed for bankruptcy?
    • If you have a PACER account, you can search using the PACER Case Locator.
    • You can visit the courthouse and use a public terminal.
    • If you know the social security number, you can use the VCIS system. It's a toll free call to 1-866-222-8029. See VCIS instructions here.
  • I am having trouble viewing PDF documents and forms.

    Apple's Safari and Google Chrome browsers have included a PDF viewer within the browser. Unfortunately this viewer isn't capable of viewing the advanced features of a PDF document. At this time, CM/ECF has been tested and works correctly with Firefox 3.5 (Apple OSX and Windows), Internet Explorer 7 and 8.