Chapter 11 Case No. 18-50018 (ASCO Liquidating Company)

Updated: 8/14/2018



  • Motion to Approve Compromise and Settlement of Claim Number 32 filed by Ford Motor Company - Document 365
  • Motion for Private Sale of Motorcraft Inventory- Document 364
  • Joint Motion to Approve Settlement Agreement of Claims and Causes of Action of the ASCO Liquidating Company Bankruptcy Estate Against Partland, LLC, Tuwella, LLC, Charles A. Key, Jr. and R. Daniel Luper Filed by Debtor ASCO Liquidating Company and Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors. - Document 362
  • Notice of Hearing on Adequacy of Disclosure Statement -  Document 352
  • Joint Plan of Liquidation Proposed by ASCO Liquidating Company and the Committee of Unsecured Creditors - Document 349
  • Disclosure Statement to Joint Plan of Liquidation - Document 348
  • Order Modifying Bankruptcy Case Caption - Document 215