Clerk's Office Phone Numbers

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Clerk's Office Phone Numbers

Greensboro Clerk's Office

MAIN NUMBER   (336) 336-358-4000
CM/ECF HELP DESK   (336) 336-358-4010
Name Title Direct Telephone #
Alva Financial/Budget Administrator I 336-358-4002
Brent Assistant Director of IT 336-358-4052
Charissa Information Technology Specialist 336-358-4051
Christy Case Administrator 336-358-4007
Debbie Financial Administrator 336-358-4008
Derek Quality Assurance Administrator 336-358-4043
Glenda Intake Deputy 336-358-4011
Gavin Courtroom Technology Specialist 336-358-4054
Jeanette Chief Deputy 336-358-4015
Joe Director of Information Technology 336-358-4050
Karen Court Room Deputy (Judge Kahn) 336-358-4018
Matt IT and Security Analyst 336-358-4020
Sandy Case Administrator 336-358-4028
Shari Courtroom Deputy (Judge Aron) 336-358-4038
Susan Case Administrator 336-358-4029
Tiffany Case Administrator Coordinator 336-358-4030


Winston-Salem Clerk's Office

MAIN NUMBER   (336) 336-397-7785
CM/ECF HELP DESK   (336) 336-397-7787
Name Title Direct Telephone #
Doug Quality Assurance Administrator 336-397-7782
Heather Case Administrator 336-397-7792
Hope Intake Deputy 336-397-7788
Janice Courtroom Deputy (Judge James) 336-397-7789
Jeanette Chief Deputy 336-358-4015
Rich Case Administrator 336-397-7790


This listing is subject to change to reflect changes to personnel profiles and work
assignments. It is offered for the convenience of the Court's customers. If you know the
specific Clerks' Office employee you need to contact, you may dial that person's number
directly; otherwise please call the main number and dial '0' and ask the telephone
attendant for assistance in reaching the most appropriate person to discuss your item of


Judges' Chambers Main Telephone Numbers
Judge Aron (336) 336-358-4150
Judge James (336) 336-397-7870
Judge Kahn (336) 336-358-4090