Uploading a Creditor Matrix

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Uploading a Creditor Matrix
Last Updated: June 6, 2005

The creditor matrix must be in ASCII text format, usually a .txt file, before it can be successfully uploaded.  Refer to the procedure “How to Convert a Creditor Matrix to a .txt File.”  All other file types within CM/ECF will be portable document format (PDF) files.  

Important!  You can upload creditors only once per case.


  1. Prepare the matrix on your computer.

  2. Log into CM/ECF


  3. Select Bankruptcy.

  4. Select Creditor Maintenance.

  5. Select Upload a Creditor Matrix File.

  6. Enter the case number (e.g., xx-xxxxx).

  7. Browse

    to select the creditor mailing list (.txt file).

  8. Click on the submit button.

  9. Verify number of creditors.