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debtor sought allocation of a portion of sale proceeds to unsecured creditors pursuant to the equities of the case exception under §552(b)(1)

Property of the Estate, Published Yes

trustee sought authorization to sell debtor's and non-debtor's undivided interest in certain personal property

Property of the Estate, Published No

motion to set new time period for determining CMI

B22, Published No

defendant sought to enforce arbitration clause

Arbitration, Published No

claimants asserting statutory liens pursuant to Chapter 44A

UCC & other State Law Issues, Published Yes

disputed trustee election

Trustee Election, Published No

motion for summary judgment; discussion of setoff and §553

Claims, Published No

motion for relief granted to allow civil action pending in the U.S. District Court to proceed

Automatic Stay, Published No

petition for writ of habeas corpus ad testificandum

Habeas Corpus, Published No

objection to confirmation overruled; discussion of §1325(b) and §707(b)(2)(A)

Chapter 13 Plans, Published No


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