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§523(a)(4) and the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act

Discharge/Dischargeability, Published Yes

confirmation of proposed plan denied; bad faith

Chapter 13 Plans, Published No

FRCP 12(b)(6) motion on multiple claims, including violation of the discharge injunction

Dismissal, Published No

objection to confirmation overruled; discussion of transportation ownership allowance

Chapter 13 Plans, Published Yes

plaintiff sought to have proof of claim declared invalid

Claims, Published No

motion to amend and clarify order amending plan denied

Chapter 13 Plans, Published No

order denying motion for relief from stay to pursue action in State Court

Automatic Stay, Published No

confirmation of plan denied; discussion of adequate protection payments and equal monthly payments

Chapter 13 Plans, Published Yes

waiver of requirement that financial management course be completed

Discharge/Dischargeability, Published No

petition preparer sanctioned, ordered to disgorge fees and enjoined from providing further services

Petition Preparers, Published Yes


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