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motion to dismiss third-party complaint granted; individual was not a proper third-party defendant under Fed. R Civ. P. 14(a)

Dismissal, Published No

determination of interest to be paid to unsecured creditors so that plan may comply with the best-interest-of-creditors test embodied in §1325(a)(4)

Chapter 13 Plans, Published No

debtors failed to comply with §1129(a)(2); motion for new hearing on confirmation granted

Chapter 11 Plans, Published No

50% manager-member of LLC did not assent to the filing of the petition; case dismissed pursuant to §1112(b)

Dismissal, Published No

sanctions requested in conjunction with motion to compel discovery; motion denied

Discovery, Published No

partial avoidance of lien; also includes discussion of N.C. Gen. Stat. §1C-1601(e)(5)

Lien Avoidance, Published No

motion to abstain and remand granted in part; also motion to change venue granted in part

Abstention, Published No

objection to confirmation based on the anti-modification clause in §1322(b)(2) overruled

Chapter 13 Plans, Published Yes

confirmation of plan denied; plan not proposed in good faith

Chapter 13 Plans, Published No

discharge denied pursuant to §1328(f)

Discharge/Dischargeability, Published No


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