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claimant alleged Debtor is liable for personal injuries suffered at work; objection to claim sustained

Claims, Published No

dispute over whether a release in a settlement covered a particular claim

Claims, Published Yes

whether a creditor who has a security interest in an escrow account is not secured solely by the security interest in the debtor's residence within the meaning of §1322(b)(2)

Chapter 13 Plans, Published Yes

fee application granted in part, denied in part

Fees/Compensation, Published Yes

motion for sanctions denied

Automatic Stay, Published Yes

lien partially avoided

Lien Avoidance, Published Yes

motion for summary judgment re: multiple claims: fraudulent conveyance, conversion, and aiding and abetting a breach of fiduciary duty

UCC & other State Law Issues, Published Yes

title insurance company allowed to join as a plaintiff in AP - subrogation

UCC & other State Law Issues, Published No

lien avoided as an unauthorized post-petition transfer

Lien Avoidance, Published No


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