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dischargeability action dismissed pursuant to Rule 12(b)(6)

Dismissal, Published No

motion to alter or amend order denied; discussion of Rule 59(e)

Reconsider/Amend, Published No

discharge denied pursuant to §727(a)(2)

Discharge/Dischargeability, Published No

objection to claim of IRS overruled; claim was filed in this case to preserve an

Claims, Published No

objection to the interest portion of a domestic support obligation claim

Claims, Published Yes

motion to reopen case to file motion to avoid lien denied

Reopenings, Published No

case dismissed pursuant to §521(i); motion to reinstate case denied

Reopenings, Published No

motion to set aside default judgment due to excusable neglect

Default Judgment, Published No

petition filed at 5:01 on the last day of the upset bid period

Automatic Stay, Published No

Rule 9011 motion denied based on not being in compliance with Rule 9011(c)(1)(A)

Rule 9011/Contempt, Published No


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