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payments made on prior loans from family members

Preferences, Published No

§707(b) (case dismissed)

Dismissal, Published No

debtor attempted to claim exemption in $3,000 cash under N.C. Gen. Stat. §1-362

Exemptions, Published No

debt limits for Chapter 13 case

Dismissal, Published No
In re Cole (Case No. 01-81042) 07/11/2001
(Judge Catharine R. Aron)

request for attorneys' fees based on §105 & §362 denied

Automatic Stay, Published No

fraud claims, motion for summary judgment granted

Summary Judgment, Published No

fraud claims, motion for summary judgment denied

Summary Judgment, Published No

attorney liability and fraud questions

UCC & other State Law Issues, Published No

motion for sanctions denied

Co-debtor Stay, Published No
In re Krak (Case No. 98-52115) 05/07/2001
(Judge Catharine R. Aron)

insurance proceeds for widowed debtor

Claims, Published No


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