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res judicata effect of state court determination of dischargeability

Discharge/Dischargeability, Published No

failure to perfect security interest in a vehicle within 20 days

UCC & other State Law Issues, Published No

disposition of funds in retainer account upon conversion

Fees/Compensation, Published No

objections to exemption claim based on waiver

Exemptions, Published No

burden of proof for proof of claim

Claims, Published No

motion for relief to obtain summary enforcement of a pre-petition settlement agreement; debt limits for Chapter 13 also discussed

Automatic Stay, Published No

prejudgment interest and court costs

Claims, Published No

undersecured creditor requests attorneys' fees for a §362 action

Fees/Compensation, Published No

payments made on prior loans from family members

Preferences, Published No

§707(b) (case dismissed)

Dismissal, Published No


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