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Property of the Estate, Published No

debtor's motion to dismiss denied

Dismissal, Published No

attempted cram down - confirmation denied

Chapter 11 Plans, Published No

rejected lease and status of real estate taxes due post-petition and pre-rejection

Administrative Expenses, Published No

motion to reconsider order allowing transfer of a portion of retainer to the trustee free and clear of all liens and claims

Reconsider/Amend, Published No


Claims, Published No

sanctions for violation of automatic stay

Automatic Stay, Published No

debtor attempted to claim exemption in $5,000 cash under N.C. Gen. Stat. §1-362

Exemptions, Published No
In re Dancy (Case No. 02-52875) 04/14/2003
(Judge Catharine R. Aron)

motion to reopen to enter into reaffirmation agreement

Reopenings, Published No
In re Moore (Case No. 02-52271) 04/11/2003
(Judge Catharine R. Aron)

objection to valuation of property listed in plan

Chapter 13 Plans, Published No


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