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motion to extend time for filing designation of items to be included in record on appeal

Appeals, Published No

FRCP 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss granted;  addresses the anti-modification clause in §1322(b)(2) and whether the language in the deed of trust creates a security interest in escrow funds

Chapter 13 Plans, Published No

case dismissed, section 109(h)

Dismissal, Published No

section 1322(b)(2) precludes modification of the secured claim because provision in deed of trust directing how payments are to be applied does not serve to create a security interest  in funds

Chapter 13 Plans, Published No

Trustee's objection to attorney fee for preparation of Notice of Mortgage Payment Change sustained

Fees/Compensation, Published No

Plaintiff's request that Defendant pay Plaintiff's attorney fees denied

Fees/Compensation, Published No
In re Ward (Case No 07-52021) 06/15/2012
(Judge Catharine R. Aron)

motion for sanctions for violation of automatic stay denied

Automatic Stay, Published No
In re Horn (Case No. 12-50207) 06/01/2012
(Judge Catharine R. Aron)

granting motion to life stay to allow movant to proceed against the debtor in the state court action

Automatic Stay, Published No

motion to amend complaint to add preference claim granted and amendment relates back to date original complaint

Amendments to Pleadings, Published No

defendant allowed to file answer after date on which answer was due rather than being defaulted

Default, Published No


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