ECF Technology Requirements

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Below are the computer and technology-related requirements for electonic filing via the Electronic Case Filing (ECF) System for the Middle District of North Carolina.

  • A personal computer running a standard platform such as Microsoft Windows or Macintosh (the system has not been completely tested or evaluated with UNIX/LINUX platforms)
  • Word Processing Software (such as WordPerfect®, or Microsoft Word®)
  • PDF Conversion Software (such as Adobe Acrobat®)
  • Internet access (while high-speed internet access is not a requirement, it is highly recommended to better facilitate your filing needs)
  • Web Browser - ECF has been successfully tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5.5 and higher; and, Netscape 4.6x and 4.7x. (The filing fee service requires that you use Internet Explorer® 5.5 or higher. Filing fees cannot be paid online using Netscape web browser.)
  • Scanning Equipment (the Court recommends a scanner with a document feeder as opposed to a flat-bed or single-sheet scanner)
  • A Credit Card to pay filing fees online. The Court uses the filing fee service to facilitate collection of filing fees. accepts the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners' Club.
  • A PACER account to view documents. There is no cost to sign up for a PACER account. For more information on PACER, click here.