Impact of Highway Construction and Road Closures at Winston-Salem Courthouse

Updated:  10/18/2018

Winston-Salem Court Visitors

Please allow extra time when traveling to court or a 341 meeting as construction and parking issues may cause unexpected delays. NCDOT has advised factoring in an additional 20 minutes to your travel time due to construction, changing traffic patterns, and added congestion on secondary roads.


Business 40 Project Road Closures

  • Beginning November 17, 2018, Business 40 will be closed through downtown Winston-Salem along with portions of Liberty St., Main St., and Church St. adjacent to Business 40. This will significantly impact travel times to the Winston-Salem courthouse.
  • Visit the Business 40 Project website for general information on the Business 40 highway construction project.


As further information is released about detours around our building due to construction, updates will be noted on our website.


Parking Lot Construction

Construction is currently taking place in our parking lot resulting in fewer spaces available for public parking. When traveling to the courthouse, please allow additional time to find alternate public parking as our lot may be full.

For a map of public parking options in downtown Winston-Salem, click here.